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THOMSON REUTERS - Analysis: Shale Oil Storm Blows the U.S. Tanker Trade out of Doldrums

JULY 12, 2013

The 'Jones Act' product tanker market is experiencing attention not seen in several decades; but again, the economics of shale oil are bringing a structural shift to the trade of crude oil and its refining products. Reuters in a well documented analysis explores the implications for the cabotage tanker trade. Basil Karatzas has contributed for the article's research and preparation. Access the full article here (pdf).

WEEK IN CHINA - Icebergs Loom for Shipping Giant

JULY 7, 2012

Well informed and respected weekly publication based in Hong Kong covers COSCO's latest business developments, with mentioning in the article of Basil Karatzas and Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co.  Access the full article here.

LLOYD'S LIST - US Oil Boom Gives Jones Act Tankers a New Lease of Life

JUNE 21, 2013

Oil shale and 'fracking' change the dynamics of the Jones Act tanker market, the pre-eminent publication in shipping, Lloyd's List reports. Basil Karatzas and Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. contributed to the article.  Access full article here.

THOMSON REUTERS - LLoyds seeks to sell around $500 million in shipping loans - sources

MAY 31, 2013

Traditional shipping banks keep exploring divestments away from shipping exposure. Basil Karatzas is mentioned in the article. Access full article here.

WEEK IN CHINA - High Seas, Low Returns

MAY 5, 2013

Honored to have been interviewed by well-read internationally, weekly, Hong Kong-based, China-focused publication. Access full article here.

THE FINANCIAL TIMES - Rare Earnings Boost for Jones Act Tankers

APRIL 8, 2013

The Financial Times, first among mainstream business publications, covers the implications of the tectonic changes in shale oil and the tanker market. Basil Karatzas has been quoted in the article.  Access full article here (pdf).

FAIRPLAY - Is Private Equity finally set to pounce?

MARCH 7, 2013

After well heralded private equity's interest in shipping, there are previous little to show for. However, intuitively having found a market bottom, private equity funds seem to be ready to open the purses.  Fairplay quotes Basil Karatzas in their reporting.  Access full article here.

FAIRPLAY - Back to the Restructuring Table

FEBRUARY 28, 2013

Shipping's pre-eminent weekly explores the implications of the weak freight market and the efforts by shipowners and lenders to find a 'golden rule' or seek for a better 'bargaining' position. Mentioning of Basil Karatzas' expertise on the subject matter. Access full article here.

MARITIME EXECUTIVE - Can Private Equity Save Shipping?

With the banks pre-occupied with their own cycle, the shipping industry seems that it has to find new sources of capital.  Private equity's deep pockets and 'flexible' investment profile seem to make the ideal new source of financing in shipping. The Maritime Executive investigates in detail, quoting Basil Karatzas. Access full article here.

LLOYD'S LIST - Bank's clash leaves OSG restructuring in deadlock

NOVEMBER 9, 2012

The most 'celebrated' filing in the shipping industry by the Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) has attracted the attention of many institutional investors, looking for its debt as the best way of investing in the company. While many syndicate banks had been looking for a decent exit, many credit investors were looking for a place at a table, causing concern for the remaining syndicate banks. Basil Karatzas is quoted in this article by Lloyd's List.Access full article here.


THE FINANCIAL TIMES - Leading Shipbuilder Suffers After Slowdown Hits China

​AUGUST 22, 2012

The shipping crisis has been affecting shipowners but also complimentary industries to shipping worldwide.  Chinese shipbuilder Rongsheng Heavy Industries makes the news when it misses terribly their earnings guidance.  The Financial Times quotes Basil Karatzas in their reporting. Access full article here.

THOMSON REUTERS - Shiver me Timbers! The Bankers Are Boarding!

JUNE 22, 2012

The state of the shipping industry is not the concern of shipowners any more. With European banks traditionally involved heavily in mortgaging vessels in the previous decade, they now have to consider their options with their tremendous exposure to the industry and its rapidly deteriorating economics. Basil Karatzas is quoted in this article by Reuters. Access full article here (pdf).

LLOYD'S LIST - Maersk may make further bond issues this year

MAY 22, 2012

In an extremely benign interest environment with institutional investors looking for yield, bond markets worldwide and especially in the US had been active for good credit borrowers; AP Moeller Maersk with their top credit of the industry are only making the logical step of exploring the bond market for obtaining competitive financing. Basil Karatzas is quoted in this article by Lloyd's List. Access full article here. ​ 

THE NEW YORK TIMES - A Glut of Ships Depresses the Freight Industry

​FEBRUARY 12, 2012

With shipping in terrible condition and at times with up to 20% of containership vessels at lay-up, the state of the industry is reported by well-respected, international, mainstream newspapers like The New York Times. It's not only the state of weak freight rates that's worrisome, but mainly the impact on the banking system, having just experienced a 'sub-prime' shock in the US. Basil Karatzas is quoted in the article. Access full article here. 

LLOYD'S LIST - Rising Star of Greek Shipping Finance Industry

FEBRUARY 7, 2012

A portrait of Basil Karatzas on the back page of the venerable LLoyd's List, the standard bearer of the shipping industry for only the last 250 years! A great honor and a call to meet higher standards!Access full article here. 

BLOOMBERG - Oil Extends Longest Rally Since 2010

DECEMBER 27, 2011

ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ - Οι ανοιχτές πωλήσεις μετοχών στη ναυτιλία προκαλούν ανησυχίες

DECEMBER 12, 2011

Dropping prices of shipping shares are a cause of concern for investors, whether retail or institutional. The concern is also important to the many shipping companies that issued shares or went public in the booming years of the cycle; it goes without saying that since many of these companies originated from Greece, the well respected Καθημερινἠ reports, there has been heightened concern locally. Basil Karatzas based in the center of the capital markets in New York is quoted in the article.  Access full article here. 


THE FINANCIAL TIMES - Shipping yet to be won over by private equity

DECEMBER 11, 2011

Ever since the collapse of the freight market and the ensuing collapse of asset prices in shipping, private equity funds have been circling the shipping industry for one-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.  Three years after the collapse on Lehman Brothers and much talk about PE's interest in the industry, there have been few actual investments to catalogue, The Financial Times reports, quoting Basil Karatzas. Access full article here. 

BLOOMBERG - Europe Bank Crisis Spurs Gain in Ship Sales

DECEMBER 1, 2011

European banking exposure to the sub-prime housing market in the US and the sovereign exposure to the countries around the Mediterranean only compounded their exposure to their shipping problems. Although it's hard to sell modern asset at substantially below accounting cost, banks have been exploring sale of older assets in a controlled basis, reports Bloomberg, quoting Basil Karatzas.  Access full article here.

THE FINANCIAL TIMES - Souring Sentiments Spreads from Tanker Shares

NOVEMBER 6, 2011

The collapse of freight rates have hit especially hard the tanker market and this have been most prominent with the share pricing of publicly listed tanker companies. While all tanker companies saw their shares drop precipitously, the companies whose primary shareholder / sponsor could personally inject more money into the business seem that had been able to weather the storm a bit better, reports The Financial Times.  Access full article here.

DER SPIEGEL - Katastrophe in Japan_ Strahlenangst bremst Schiffsverkehr

MARCH 26, 2011

Seawater contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima nuclear reactor accident in Japan has caused many ports in Far East to be careful or forbid access to their ports containerships that may got contaminated while passing from the area of the accident. Both The New York Times from Hong Kong and Der Spiegel from Hamburg reported on the news, quoting Basil Karatzas. Access full article here.

TANKER SHIPPING & TRADE - Owners Optimistic that Crisis Creates Opportunity 


There is a silver lining on every cloud and the drop of freight rates and tanker asset prices had been creating opportunities for well capitalized shipowners to exploit opportunities, the monthly publication Tanker Shipping & Trade argues, quoting Basil Karatzas.  Access full article here.

HELLENIC SHIPPING NEWS - Basil Karatzas (Interview)

JULY 30, 2007

A Q&A session with Athens-based shipping portal and reporter Hellenic Shipping News.  A review of the markets and shipping expectations. Access full article here in pdf.